Responsible Waste Management

Environmental management is one of the triple-bottom line pillars of CSR, which IBL promotes in collaboration with corporate partners, donor agencies, and community organizations (NGOs).
Since 2004, IBL has been actively fostering partnership among companies in the natural resources industry, companies that concern about water access and sanitation, and most recently those active in exercising responsible garbage management.

Some examples of IBL program activities in the area of responsible garbage management, carried out under the banner of “GEMAS” (Gerakan Mengelola Sampah) – Garbage Management Movement:

  • Education on 3R at schools, through training and real actions. Danone is one of the sponsors of this activity.
  • Creating change makers in the community.
  • Empowering social enterprises in the areas of garbage/waste management, including Garbage Banks (Bank Sampah) which have been initially triggered by companies that implemented CSR.

In 2015, IBL is working with strategic partners to implement those components mentioned above.