IBIC 2018 Panel Discussion – Improving Ease of Doing Business Through Public Engagement

Private Sector still become one of the most vulnerable sectors in terms of the practice of corruption. According to data from Anti-Corruption Clearing House (ACCH), between 2004-2018, 23,38% of corruption case came from private sector

On that basis, Indonesia Business Links, in collaboration with Corruption Eradication Commitee (KPK), Capital Investmen Coordination Board (BKPM), USAID-CEGAH, and GIZ, organized a panel discussion titled “Improving Ease of Doing Business Through Public Engagement” on International Business Integrity Conference (IBIC) 2018, on December 5, 2018.

This discussion emphasized on the importance of collaboration between Government and Private Sector to improve the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB), which could be implemented by using Regional Advocacy Committee (Komite Advokasi Daerah), and by collaborating with other stakeholders.

The speakers of this discussion were: Ho Wai-Chi (ICAC Hongkong), Farah Ratnadewi Indriani (BKPM), Christine Uriarte (OECD), and Rahmad Junaedi (KADIN).