Accenture Golden Market Fest

To commemorate their 50th Anniversary, Accenture Indonesia held an event called Accenture Golden Market Fest, a special event for Accenture’s big family and their partners, which held on Sunday August 12 2018, at Wisma BNI 46.

The Accenture Golden Market Fest consists of several activities, such as 5k and 10k marathon competition, bazaar and food trucks, games and lucky draws, live music, and a ceremonial to commemorate the founding of Accenture 50 years ago.

In the ceremonial event, Accenture invites Mr. Utomo Josodirdjo, founder of SGV-Utomo, a consultation firm that became the forerunners of the establishment of Accenture today. As a token of appreciation, Mr. Utomo was given an honorable award by Accenture, handed over by Mrs. Neneng Goenadi, current Country Managing Director of Accenture Indonesia.