Alliance for Integrity 7th Steering Commitee Meeting

Indonesia Business Links, as a member of Steering Committee of Alliance for Integrity, participated in the 7th Steering Committee Meeting on 10th and 11th April 2019 in Berlin. This time, the structure of the Steering Committee meeting was a workshop filled with lively discussions about the vision for the future of the initiative.

One of the main objectives that came up in the workshop was that the Alliance for Integrity plans to further enhance public-private dialogue, to make an effort to include governments in activities such as global conferences, and to work towards making collective action a norm in the field of anti-corruption.

the participants defined the multi-stakeholder approach of the initiative, activities in the field of public-private dialogue, and the mix of global representation with local expertise. The group also collected ideas on how future opportunities to promote integrity could look like, for example the use of digital tools, the participation of universities in order to address young people and receive input from academia, as well as to focus on establishing a compliance culture within companies.

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