Business Mentoring Skilled Youth II

On March 16, 2018, IBL organized Business Mentoring, as a series of Skilled Youth (SY) Phase II Program. This program let every mentor to share their experience in business and entrepreneurship to their mentee. The mentors consist of IBL Associates and Skilled Youth Beneficiaries.

Participants were divided into 5 groups. Each of group was guided by one mentor. Each mentor discussed about participant’s business plans. All business plans were delivered before at Entrepreneurship Training.

This mentoring was divided into 2 activities, group mentoring, and one-on-one mentoring. Group mentoring was once-in-a-month, group gathering activities to discuss every Entrepreneurship Training materials, and how each participant implemented it onto their business. While one-on-one mentoring was an individual mentoring session between mentee and their mentors, and have more flexible time.