Collective Action – Looking back at the Integrity Journey

Collective Action is defined by the World Bank as “a collaborative and sustained process of cooperation amongst stakeholders. It increases the impact and credibility of individual action, brings vulnerable individual players into an alliance of like-minded organisations and levels the playing field between competitors.”

Based on this definition, the Alliance for Integrity piloted activities in three different countries: Argentina, Brazil and India. All three formats took a group of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) from a specific sector on a tailor-made Integrity Journey based on the specific companies’ needs and targets. Each Journey consisted of a mentoring programme conducted by compliance officers and experts who supported the SMEs on their path towards a stronger compliance management system and a culture of business integrity.

In this Side Event of our 4th Global Conference a mentor, a participating SME and a partner organisation of the Integrity Journey discussed their experiences regarding preparation, implementation and achievements.