Consultation Desk


In October 2017, IBL will be launched Consultation Desk, a channel where private sector can ask questions/inquiries, get information, and deliver their complaints with regards to anti-corruption initiatives and efforts in strengthening integrity as well as business ethics in private sector. The Consultation Desk project aims at providing business sectors with technical support to prevent corruption and strengthen business ethics through the establishment of a consultation desk mechanism and related services.

Consultation Desk is implemented by Indonesia Business Links (IBL) with an initiative from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and supports from USAID CEGAH. The main objective of the Consultation Desk is to provide business sector with technical assistance in order to strengthen its business integrity practices and to minimize the risk of corruption/fraud.

The Desk provides three main channels that easily accessible by the public, namely through website, email, and call center. The Desk will also utilize social media platforms as means to reach and promote the Desk to its targeted user. The Consultation Desk website contains information a number of information, including:

  1. Consultation Desk information (what is and how to use it)
  2. Online consultation channel
  3. Educational materials such as Business Ethics and Anti-corruption tools and information.
  4. Further contact information, where relevant, for businesses to seek legal advice or file formal complaints with government. 
  5. Link to related anti-corruption organizations’ channel.
  6. Link to public whistle blower channels

For transparency, all inquiries/questions/complaints submitted and the answer/suggestion provided by the Consultation Desk will be published regularly every month in the website. By doing so, we hope to open and facilitate a two way public discussion from business sector and the government with the Consultation Desk as the intermediary. The Consultation Desk also enables users to submit inquiries/questions/complaints under anonymous feature so that users will not worry about their identity being exposed when using the Consultation Desk service.