Ensuring that the Promotion of Integrity is at the Centre of the Post-Pandemic World

The Covid-19 pandemic has submerged the world in a profound crisis. It has revealed the critical points of an interconnected world and a globalised economy where effects of lack of integrity in one part may affect even the most distant places in other parts of the world. Therefore, actors involved at different stages of any global supply chain play a strategic role in mitigating existing risks and preventing future vulnerabilities.

What have we learnt from the ongoing crisis? Is there a shift in the way the world deals with companies’ legal and reputational risks as well as social and environmental risks related to their stakeholders? How can we ensure that a critical mass of actors will contribute to levelling the playing field for fair and transparent business to the benefit of all? How do the different stakeholders engage in promoting integrity? Do they need to change their tactics? What are good strategies and practices we can further develop to take the fight against corruption to the next level?

These are some of the questions we discussed with thought leaders and decision-makers from the network of the Alliance for Integrity. The three panels focused on (1) the status quo and immediate learnings, (2) the conditions for long-term change and (3) the concrete measures to be implemented.

The panel discussion was part of our 4th Global Conference.