Financial Literacy and Creative Vlog Session Skilled Youth II

Financial Literacy and Creative Vlog Session event was held in South Quarter, May 11, 2018. As a part of Skilled Youth program, which initiated by Indonesia Business Links, and Supported by Citi Indonesia, this event aimed to educate Skilled Youth participants to maintain and organize their finance, in addition with how to create creative vlog.

In the first session, participants were taught about how to organize their finance, such as analyzing Income and Expense post, and how to calculate their savings. This session was led by Prita H. Ghozi, Founder of ZAP Finance.

The event continues with Creative Vlog session. Gritee Agatha deliver the session with the introduction of video blogging. Participants also taught how to create a vlog with good technical skills and unique content.

This event also commemorated 50 years of Citi Indonesia, and symbolized with the donation of 50 computers for 5 IBL-supported schools.  The donation was represented by Tim Utama, head of Operations and Technology of Citi Indonesia.