HRD Forum Karawang

To solve youth unemployment issue in Indonesia, are not only the responsibility of government alone, but also private sector and civil society. The existence of Vocational School, aims to prepare students to work in certain fields. Ideally, graduated students are ready to enter the workforce. But in reality, most SMK graduates are not ready to become workers, mainly because of lack of both mental readiness and character.

Based on this, Indonesia Business Links (IBL), supported by Citibank Indonesia held an HRD forum at Karawang, April 24, 2019. This event aimed to identify youth unemployment issues, maps every program that has been and will be implemented, as well as the opportunity of multi-stakeholder collaboration in Karawang. In addition, this activity also became a platform to learn CSR in the labor market in accordance with ISO 26001

This event divided into two sessions. The first session consists of the seminar and presentation of the SDGs no. 8 goals, which is decent work and economic growth. This session invited speakers from Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Office of Labour and Transmigration of Karawang Regency, and Forum HRD of Karawang Regency, respectively.

The second sessions consist of discussion and mapping session, facilitated by IBL. Main objective of this discussion and mapping session was to explore the possibility of collaboration between stakeholders, and to saw how much participants were interested and ready to run a CSR program on youth unemployment issue