HRD Workshop on Youth Empowerment: “How to Create Good Employee”

To continue the success story of HRD Workshop I on April 16th 2016, IBL organized HRD Workshop II on June 22nd 2016 in Hotel Horison Bekasi. This workshop was attended by 35 participants from various backgrounds especially HRD representatives from companies, government officials from Bappenas and Disnaker, and also representatives from BKK SMK in Bekasi. The workshop aimed to indentify the ideal criteria of good employee for industry sector, including the challenges in building young people’s character to be good employee.

Mohamad Fahmi as the Executive Director (ad interim) of IBL opened the workshop and gave his speech about IBL’s mission in empowering and preparing young people to create a better future through IBL’s youth program that was held since 2002. There was also Bapak Muhammad Kosim as the Head of Disnaker Kota Bekasi  (Regional Office of Manpower Department of Bekasi City) who delivered his speech, especially his experiences in facing the labor issue of Bekasi region.

The first session was delivered by Mr. Bimo Hermastho (Freemind Consulting) who explained about how HR department needs to have a good understanding on selecting ideal employee and also employee development. The HR deparment must be able to see the link between current competency of employee and their future capability. It is also very important for company to have good reputation because it will attrack good people to be their employee. A good HRD officers and managers must be credible activists that bridge the employee with company. In the second session, Mr. Rebo from Forum Bursa Kerja Kota Bekasi  (BKK SMK 1 Bekasi) explained about the condition of SMK alumni and how to prepare them to be employee. He also emphazised how BKK trying to equip the students to be able to fullfill the competency need of company.

It is very important to understand that being a good employee is a learning process. One of the important messages from this workshop is about attitude as the key factor  of being a good employee. “Knowledge is power but attitude is everything.” Thus, through its youth empowerment programs, IBL equips its beneficiaries with character building and also soft skills trainings. These aim to prepare the young people to be good employee in the future.

This two hours workshop was quite informative and the participants showed their interest through active question and answer session. The third HRD Workshop will be held on July 29th and hoped to gather more participants and produce collective action plan as well. This event was closed by photo session for all participants and breaking fast together.