Collective Action on Youth Empowerment “Program Update”

Following up a series of Human Resource Forum meetings that have been implemented in Karawang, : 1) November 20, 2013, (entitled Building Collective Action on Youth Empowerment); 2) dated February 19, 2014, (entitled Building Collective Action on Youth Empowerment – Need Assessment); 3) dated March 27, 2014, (themed Collective Action on Youth Empowerment – Action Mapping), IBL held 4th HRD workshop to updating the youth empowerment program in 24 September.

Besides the sharing of EquipYouth program update, this occasion also bring the mission of Bappenas to have Indonesia Youth Employment Network (IYEN) in district level.

Initiative of IYEN was begun in July 2001, Indonesia was one of the first nations to volunteer to be a “lead” country in the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Employment Network (YEN), created within the framework of the Millennium Declaration where Head of States and Governments resolved to develop and implement strategies that give young people a real chance to find decent and productive work. IYEN coordinating team is under the leadership of National Planning Agency/Bappenas and the IYEN action plan will be in line with National Medium Term Development Planning 2010-2014.IYEN vision is working to realize a vision: a real chance for all youth to find decent and productive employment. While, IYEN mission as follow: IYEN strives to engage, educate and motivate actors to provide improved employment opportunities for youth.

IBL with it’s Youth Empowerment program on EquipYouth program could bring the collaboration on multi-sector partnership to enhance the speed to reduce the numbers of unemployment youth in Indonesia.