Indonesia Business Links (IBL) in collaboration with Queensland University and National Secretary of SDGs Bappenas, has held Masterclass event on January 24th, 2018 in Jakarta

Masterclass sessions are hosted by Associate Professor Elske van de Fliert, Director of the Center for Communications and Social Change at the University of Queensland, which addresses the role of communication in facilitating cross-country and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Bringing up the “Making research work for sustainable development and social change – the role of communication in facilitating trans disciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaborations” themed, Associate Professor Elske van de Fliert explained about the concept of research for development (R4D) in an attempt to increase the developmental impact of their projects.

Emphasizing on the conceptual framework for R4D that has served as the basis for project design in various projects implemented in Indonesia and other countries. In addition to the traditional functions of basic and applied research, the R4D framework identifies distinct phases of participatory diagnostic, adaptive and evaluative research that are needed to ensure sustainable outcomes and impacts.

Another guest speaker who was present, Dra. Nina Sardjunani, M.A. Team Leader of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) National Secretariat for Indonesia, and Heru Prasetyo Chairman of the Board of Patrons. They share their experience in implementing communication strategies for the purpose of sustainable development of SDGs.