ISO 37001 – Seminar on Anti-Bribery Management System

Indonesia Business Links held a SNI ISO 37001 Seminar on an anti-bribery management system for entrepreneurs in the 6 (six) provinces: North Sumatera; West Sumatera; Riau Islands; Banten; East Java; and North Maluku

The rise of corruption cases involving government officials and the private sector proves that corruption is a systemic crime that must be resisted by strengthening the governance system and the private sector. The implementation of anti-bribery management from the private sector is very important to continue to be strengthened. This is based on data that 61% of the cases handled at the KPK are related to bribery, with 204 suspects from the private sector including 4 state-owned corporations.

Therefore, one of the systems that can be used in anti-bribery management is ISO 37001 which is expected to complement the anti-bribery management mechanism that has been in place earlier. This activity was attended by 285 business representatives from 6 (six) provinces assisted by IBL.

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