Making of: Global Integrity Campaign

Last year in April, when the extent of the pandemic was not yet foreseeable, the Alliance for Integrity had the idea to initiate a communication campaign emphasising the need for integrity and calling on everyone to take responsibility.

We approached our partners with an initial concept note and were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received. Since then, a whole year has passed, and we can look back on a great journey that has brought us even closer together and opened up many new perspectives.

Six videos, more than 60 partners involved from 12 countries and almost 80 testimonials making a stand for integrity. These are just bare numbers, but there is much more behind them: the commitment of a global community that stands up for integrity, that engages, that collaborates and unites its voice in the fight against corruption.

We want to celebrate this great achievement with this making-of video that highlights the unique Collective Action approach of the campaign. The creativity, knowledge and experience of all the partners involved are key to this success.


Playlist Campaign Videos:

Playlist Testimonial Statements: