IBL organized a talk show for Forum Muda Terampil Berusaha (Forum MTB) on Saturday, October 22nd 2016 at Sindang Reret restaurant, Karawang. In this forum, IBL invited all stakeholders of Program MTB and some speakers to share their experiences in entrepreneurship. This forum also announced the participants who will participate in Program MTB, including the launch of this program. There are four speakers in this talk show, Mr. Eka Robbi Egiwinardo (Team Leader of Micro Bank BJB Karawang), Mr. Asep Irawan Syafei (Young entrepreneur of Karawang), Mrs. Afril Lavanda ( Young entrepreneur of Karawang – beneficiary of IBL), and Mr. Fajar Setiawan (Young entrepreneur of Karawang – beneficiary of IBL). The talk show talked and shared the experiences of young entrepreneurs of Karawang in doing their business and to learn about the importance of doing business as an alternative way to face the low number of job availability. This talk show was moderated by Mr. Mohamad Fahmi, Executive Director IBL.

According to BPS data, the open unemployment rate for productive workforce (age 18-30) in Indonesia is 5.5% of the population or about 7.02 million people and based on ILO report, youth has 2,8 times more possibilities to be unemployed than adults. But in Indonesia, youth has 4,6 times possibility to be unemployed. Besides those data, the main reason why we should be an entrepreneur can be seen by the high unemployment rate in Karawang that reached 141.345 persons.  It is caused by some aspects such as the gap between available job vacancy and supply of the workforce, including the skill of young productive workers. Meanwhile, the big industry that was hoped to increase the job availability cannot dramatically decrease this high unemployment rate.  

To overcome this problem, there is a strong and urgent need to increase the job vacancy in Small Medium Enterprises sector through youth based entrepreneurship. This is the reason why IBL together with Accenture wanted to help the young people especially in Karawang to be young entrepreneurs through Muda Terampil Berusaha program. Muda Terampil Berusaha (MTB) is a program organized by IBL and supported by Accenture.This program aims to increase the awareness of young people about entrepreneurship, especially in Karawang. This program is also contributes to decrease the unemployment rate and poverty as well.