One-day Training Partnership Batch 6

To continue the success of One-Day Training partnership batch 5 on last March 2016, IBL organized the 6th batch of this training. It was held on Thursday, October 27th 2016 and attended by 10 participants with various backgrounds. Partnership can be defined as collective work whose risks and advantage are seen as common responsibilities. In this training, the participants learned about the definition of partnership and how to manage it professionally. Thus, there will be a solid and effective partnership that creates mutual benefit for those who involve in it. Then, why this training is important?

Basically, we already practice the concept of partnership in our social life. It can be seen by how we make friends with other people and start to have a closer relation with them. Some people can be our friends, best friends, colleagues, or partners. It is similar with building partnership. Building partnership requires the common need, identified potentials and also relations just like a friendship.

This training aims to give a clear understanding about partnership to those who work in corporate, NGOs, government institutions, and even academicians.  Indonesia Business Links realize that partnership as an important aspect in this globalization era while many people still have no idea about the effective way in building partnership. Indonesia Business Links will continue the 7th batch of this training in December 2016.