Program Closure: Skilled Youth II

Citi Indonesia, Along with Indonesia Business Links (IBL) held Skilled Youth Phase II closing program on July 25, 2018 at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta. This also symbolizes the end of this program. Skilled Youth Phase II aims to empower the economic potential of youths aged 16 – 25 who located in Bekasi, Cikarang, and Karawang, through series of training to improve their abilities.

This closing event mainly highlights every milestone that Skilled Youth has been achieved. In general, Skilled Youth Phase II was attended by 249 youths, divided into 2 groups, employability, which was attended by 2018 youths, and entrepreneurship, with 31 youths. For employability program, Skilled Youth managed to helped 151 youth to get their job, while from entrepreneurship program, 15 youths are successfully made their own business.

This event also announced the winners of video making competition, called #CeritaPerubahan, a competition which participants shared the changes that they experienced after joining this program, by using the medium of short video. This competition was attended by 20 participants divided into 2 categories. 15 people compete in individual category, while 5 attended group category.

Apart from being closing event, this session also a means to invite relevant stakeholders, mainly private sectors, to actively participate in implementing Sustainable Development Goals through the development of youths in Indonesia.