Program Opening – Skilled Youth III

Indonesia Business Links, In collaboration with Citi Indonesia, held the Opening program for Skilled Youth 3rd phase, on January 9, 2019. This event marked the start of Skilled Youth program, that would be implemented until June 2019. This opening event was marked by the signing of the Joint Commitment in Youth Empowerment between IBL, Citibank Indonesia, District Governments of Bandung, Bekasi, and Karawang Regency.

“These commitments (between District Government, IBL, and Citibank Indonesia), is inseparable from the issue of high youth unemployment rate in West Java.” said Mohamad Fahmi, Executive Director of IBL. “Skilled Youth 3rd phase program will empower youth’s economic potential through capacity building in soft skills and hard skills, entrepreneurship mentoring, and job counseling.” he further explained.

Aside from the inauguration of Joint Commitment on Youth Empowerment, this event was also participated by beneficiaries from previous Skilled Youth program, in a talkshow session which discussed about their experience in joining this program, and impact that they received until now.