Integrity – Based Program

IBL believes that integrity is a fundamental principle that should be implemented in doing business to create prosperity for all. Business Ethics or Integrity is one of the main reason for the establishment of IBL. Since its early days IBL has been doing many programs and activities to promote ethical business practices, as well as anti-corruption/bribery, and provide assistance needed by the private sector to build capacity in implementing them.

Capacity Building Program

One of IBL mission is to build the capacity of business stakeholders in doing ethical and responsible business practices in Indonesia. In the past 15 years IBL has been focusing on building the capacity of our youth since they will be our future leaders in business or other sectors. Programs and activities have been developed to prepare and empower youth for work as employees (employability initiative) as well as business owners (entrepreneurship initiative).

Partnership for Sustainability Program

As a revival of our past focus on environmental sustainability, under the banner of IBL Sustainability Initiative eXchange (IBL SIX), since 2017 – jointly with other organizations or on its own – IBL has provided learning forums for corporations and other business stakeholders to share ideas, best practices and experiences on business sustainability issues such as water, waste management, disaster risk reduction and others as well as to discuss hot topics such as Sustainable Development Goals.