Capacity Building Program

One of IBL mission is to build the capacity of business stakeholders in doing ethical and responsible business practices in Indonesia. In the past 15 years IBL has been focusing on building the capacity of our youth since they will be our future leaders in business or other sectors. Programs and activities have been developed to prepare and empower youth for work as employees (employability initiative) as well as business owners (entrepreneurship initiative).

Special skills development like Partnership Building which is becoming more and more critical for the business has also been undertaken in 2017.

IBL has been working with several organizations such as International Youth Foundation, Youth Business International, ILO, Oxfam, Plan International and others and with corporation or corporate foundation such as Citi Foundation, Caterpillar Foundation, Accenture, and others as well as with government agencies such as BAPPENAS, Kemenaker, Kemendikbud, and several district and municipal government.

Capacity building requires an in-depth intervention to thrive. With that in mind IBL usually design a solid program that works in longer term periode compares activities we implement in the integrity pillar.

Flagship Programs

The EquipYouth program covers Batam, Karawang, Bekasi (Cikarang, Cibitung, Bantar Gebang), and Cileungsi. In order to achieve a satisfactory result, IBL were assisted by the companies and institutions from various background to carry out multiple trainings and activities such as basic life skills training, technical training, companies visit, job placement, and Human Resource Forum Group Discussion.

Batam and West Java (Bekasi, Cikarang and Karawang)

Indonesia Business Links (IBL) with supported from Accenture Indonesia has been conducted program Muda Terampil Berusaha (MTB) in Karawang, West Java and Rumah Muda Terampil in Mojokerto, East Java. The program aims to create and assist youth entrepreneur to establish and maintenance for sustainable of their business.

Karawang (West Java) and Mojokerto (East Java).

With support from JP Morgan Chase Foundation (JPMF), International Youth Foundation (IYF) and Indonesia Business Links (IBL) are providing job skills and Information Technology (IT) skills training for IT Diploma students from appointed colleges and universities in the greater area of Jakarta. The primary objective of this 18-months project is to improve the employability of program’s beneficiaries. While the secondary objective is to improve colleges ‘career centers’ respond to real-time demands of workforce.

Jakarta, Depok and Bekasi

Indonesia Business Links (IBL) with several organisations, such as Aliansi Desa Sejahtera and AKVO, are involving in Empowering Youth for Work Program. It is a collaborative youth economic empowerment which coordinated by OXFAM. The Empower Youth for Work (EYW) project in Indonesia aims to reduce poverty in rural coastal areas that are prone to the impact of climate change, by empowering youth (especially young women) to secure viable employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.


Citi Indonesia, through its initiative known as Citi Peka (Peduli and Berkarya) which covers a wide range of community activities, has been collaborating with Indonesia Business Links (IBL), a non-profit organization which promotes the concept of good corporate citizenship, in an effort to tackle unemployment in Indonesia through a Skilled Youth program since June 2015. This Skilled Youth program is one that seeks to develop and empower human resources of exceptional quality who are ready to take the plunge into the work environment, either as employees or entrepreneurs.

Bekasi, Karawang

Recent Activities

Job counseling at SMKN 1 Batam

Bursa Kerja Khusus (BKK) Workshop in Batam

Company visit to Caterpillar Indonesia, Batam

Stakeholders Forum in Karawang

Life Skills Training

IT Skills Training

Career coaching

Training of Trainers (ToT) for Vocational School Teachers and Entrepreneur in Indramayu

the entrepreneurship exhibition in the ” Pesta Rakyat Malam Tahun Baru” at the Circuit Technomart Karawang on December 30th until December 1st, 2016. The beneficiaries shown their improved product after joined MTB program.

Entrepreneurship Training

Youth Week