Skilled Youth Program

Citi Indonesia (Citibank), through its umbrella theme for entire community activities known as Citi Peka (caring and creating something meaningful), together with the non-profit organization Indonesian Business Links (IBL), is holding Skilled Youth Program.

This program is aimed at opening up better economic opportunities for the younger generations through capacity building and preparing them for work as well as to become successful entrepreneurs.

“Citi Indonesia’s collaboration with IBL is an example of a multi-stakeholder partnership in support of the implementation of the government’s Sustainable Development Goals (TPB). We believe that youth unemployment will be overcome if the business sector, government, civil society organizations and academia can work together in terms of capacity building, opening up job opportunities, encouraging entrepreneurship, and creating favorable work environments. Using the Skilled Youth-Working and Skilled Youth-Entrepreneurial approaches, the Skilled Youth program provides opportunities for young people to improve their capabilities, as well as obtain better economic opportunities for themselves and the people around them.” –Chairman of the Board of Patrons of Indonesia Business Links Heru Prasetyo

Recent Activities

Soft Skills Training
This training serves to provide insights about good character and positive behavior skill to face any issues in daily life. This training includes positive thinking, emotion management, etc.

Technical Skills Training
To prepare the participants to be a skilled labor, this program provide various training related to the technical skills of their work, such as welding, machine operation, 3d design, etc.

Entrepreneurship Assistance
This assistance is provided to those who joins Entrepreneurship program. There will be classes and training related to business management, with the assistance of mentors who will guide them in the process.

Work Preparation
This training is given to participants who will prepare to enter the working environment. The material provided includes making a CV, preparation for job interviews, etc.

English Class
As a part of job competencies in modern era, participants will also be given training to understand English language.

Financial Literacy
The understanding of financial management is an important factor for both running a business and manage personal income. This training will help participants to understand how to manage their financial effectively and efficiently.

Stakeholder forum
These special forums gather relevant stakeholders, such as government, private sectors, and academia, as an effort to improve the opportunities of youth empowerment through multi-sector partnership.

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