Partnership for Sustainability Program

As a revival of our past focus on environmental sustainability, under the banner of IBL Sustainability Initiative eXchange (IBL SIX), since 2017 – jointly with other organizations or on its own – IBL has provided learning forums for corporations and other business stakeholders to share ideas, best practices and experiences on business sustainability issues such as water, waste management, disaster risk reduction and others as well as to discuss hot topics such as Sustainable Development Goals.

IBL has been working with several organizations and corporations, such as Unilever, Danone, and others, which have similar understanding on sustainable business practices relevant to those issues/topics.

Recent Activities

Participated actively as a member of Business and Philanthropy Platform for SDGs (FBI4SDGs) on several series of dialogues to promote private sector contribution on achieving SDGs

IBL CSR Learning Forum 

Capacity Building to Community “Bank Sampah”

Pendampingan komunitas untuk pengelolaan daur ulang sampah kertas

Promoting Responsible Garbage Management through Gemar Mengelola Sampah (GEMAS) at public and private elementary school in Jakarta