Responsible Business 2021

Reuters Event: Responsible Business 2021

1-3 June, 2021, Online & On-Demand #RB2021

Lead the Sustainability Transition
Increase Resilience Ι Seize Opportunities Ι Deliver Change


Our current global system is on the brink of collapse, and business has a vital role in ensuring we transform our relationship with both society and the environment. Global challenges must be tackled collectively with global solutions, that can be adapted to local resources and capabilities. Leading to a new sustainable future requires businesses to re-thinking parts, if not all, of their business. We need new definitive actions, new ways of collaborating and open innovation among all stakeholders.

At Reuters Events: Responsible Business 2021 we will bring together 5,000+ CEOs, Policymakers, Chief Sustainability Officers, NGOs and Investors who are driving change worldwide.

Ahead of this year’s critically important COP26 meeting, The Prince of Wales will deliver the opening keynote at Reuters Events: Responsible Business 2021, urging business to commit to taking bold action on climate and biodiversity.

All discussions will be built around HOW we can take action now to accelerate the global transition. Join us in June as and help set the ambition and call to action for change.

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