Skilled Youth III – Financial Literacy and Creative Vlog Session

Skilled Youth 3rd phase program held another seminar and workshop event, on April 30, 2019, at Citibank Office, South Quarter Dome Jakarta. This event held the topic of Financial Literacy and Creative Vlog Session. In this event, beneficiaries were introduced and learned about financial management and how to create video blog (vlog).

The first session of this event discussed about how to manage your finance. With Prita H. Ghozie (Founder, ZAP Finance) as speaker, beneficiaries were invited to analyze and organize their own financial post, such as income and expenses post, in order to create an effective and efficient cash flow.

The event continued with the Creative Video Blog session. Fathia Izzati (Youtube Content Creator) served as speaker of this session. Beneficiaries were introduced to the concept of video blog, as well as its business opportunities. They also given given tips on how to create a good video content.

With this event, beneficiaries could increase their own competencies with new set of skills, as well as new opportunities to develop their business.