Souvenirs from Manila’s visit: a mechanism and cooperation to strengthen business integrity in ASEAN and lessons learned from APEC’s and Integrity Initiative’s forums on anti-corruption (Manila, 18-19 September 2014)

Despite typhoon season that delayed our flight back to Jakarta for hours; we felt very fortunate for our visit to Manila, 18-19 September 2014. Together with IBL Executive Director, Mrs. Yanti Triwadiantini and Vice Chair – Board of Management, Mrs. Chrysanti Hasibuan-Sedyono, we were invited by ASEAN CSR Network (ACN) and APEC Forum on Anti-corruption.

During the first day, we participated in APEC Forum on Anti-corruption to discuss ways in which APEC governments can support engineering & construction sector in its collective action efforts to combat corruption. Mrs. Hasibuan-Sedyono, as an Indonesian representative, involved in the APEC working group that produced recommendations for APEC government at the end of this forum.

In the afternoon, we convened in an ACN’s working group meeting, together with like-minded organizations from Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, to discuss a collective action among ASEAN business communities to strengthen business integrity. All parties (except Thailand), witnessed by Mrs. Yanti Triwadiantini as Chair of ACN, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which stated all parties commit to jointly and separately contribute towards eradicating corruption in our respective countries and at the ASEAN regional level through, but not limited to, the following commitments: 1) to promote and implement anti-corruption and integrity initiatives that enable businesses to operate more responsibly and ethically; 2) to cooperate with one another in the areas of sharing information, best practices, and technical resources; and 3) to work together towards developing a common strategy and framework for action against corruption in ASEAN for the private sector.

Most rewarding experience of our trip was our attendance at the 4th Integrity Forum of Philippines conducted by the Integrity Initiative ( IBL and the Integrity Initiative Inc. signed a MoU that mentions in principle both parties agree to collaborate on creating a standard of business integrity and the Integrity Initiative provide assistance to IBL on this collaboration. Moreover, IBL Executive Director delivered a speech in her capacity as Chair of CAN, enhancing IBL profile in International arena.

These good souvenirs enrich IBL Business Ethics Program and benefiting our stakeholders in Indonesia that want to strengthen their commitment on ethical business practices. For those who supported us on our  Manila visit, as a Business Ethics Program manager, I could only say:  Maraming Salamat!