After finishing a 28 years of colorful career as a consultant, first with SGV Utomo and last as the Country Managing Director of Accenture, Heru has continuously pursued his idealism for a better world. From serving as a Board member of the Partnership for Governance Reform, founding Indonesia Business Links (IBL) to promote CSR, sitting at the School Board of ITB’s School of Business and Management to facilitating SMEs entry to the global world through the internet, he weaves his life with reform, development, technology and social cohesion.

After the tsunami devastated Aceh and Nias Heru found the ultimate challenge of rebuilding a poverty ridden, war torn and disaster shocked society by joining the Agency for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Aceh and Nias, BRR. Assuming the post of Director for Donor and International Relations he travelled the world to ensure continuous support by speaking at venues such as UN Headquarters in New York and Geneva, European capitals of Berlin, Copenhagen as well as sharing lessons learned in Islamabad, Bangkok, Haiti, Yangon for Nargis and The Philippines for Hayan. All that beside maintaining relationship with the World Bank, European Community and the donor country representatives in Indonesia.

On the private sector front Heru serves as Independent Commisioner and Audit Committee in Komatsu Indonesia and Excelcomindo respectively.

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