You can say that I am stubborn, especially to other people’s opinions. I used to have different opinion. But after participating Life Skill training, I have different behavior now. You can say, I like working together with other people now. Currently, I am working in Toyota Boshoku Indonesia Company, as a sewing operator. I don’t have dream right now. But I have a strong determination to change my life to be better.

Rizky Alamsyah

Before participating the training from IBL, most of our students that come from poor families have low selfesteem, lack of confidence and were not sure that they can change their fate. Then, after the training provided by IBL, they are equipped with methods to be more confident, how to communicate well, how to develop their business, based on their own passion. So, IBL is very supportive if the students get the training

Susi Sukaesih
Headmaster, SMK Ginus ITACO

Before joining Skilled Youth program, I didn’t have any idea about entrepreneurship. Now, Thanks God, I have some insights and knowledge about entrepreneurship because of IBL. My current business in culinary is selling fruit spring roll (risoles isi buah). My dream is to establish many outlets in Indonesia.

Dede Septi Pujiyani

I am determined to change my family’s financial condition to be better. It is supported by Life Skill training from IBL. Before joining life skill training, it was so hard to find job. I didn’t have saving nor skill. After joining the life skill training from IBL, I finally have skill and find job. When I work in PT SPINDO, I finally have saving, could apply to buy motor by credit. Thanks God now it is already paid off. And the most priding thing is I can buy my own land

Johan Johari