Unique Training Methods for Integrity

The Alliance for Integrity has developed a unique training methodology to build capacity for business integrity among SMEs, called “From Business to Business”. These trainings are conducted by compliance officers of big companies sharing their knowledge and experience with representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The training is unique as it focuses on practical tools and ethical dilemmas while using business-oriented language.

Since 2015 the trainings have been refined and updated, now covering ten different sectors and their respective target groups. The Alliance for Integrity has a strong pool of 234 active trainers worldwide who trained more than 3,000 SMEs.

The pandemic provided unforeseen challenges for our trainers, who had to adapt the trainings to the specific conditions of a purely digital surrounding. The digitalisation of the training modules was both a challenge and an opportunity.

In this Side Event of our 4th Global Conference, trainers from all parts of the world share challenges and opportunities and how they developed best practices regarding compliance trainings in times of crisis.