YES Program – Business Consultation Day (BCD)


The first BCD of YES Program carried out on Saturday, April 25th, 2015, at the Balairung (Hall) of the University of Indonesia. It was held at the same time with the Career Expo PNJ that attended by more 1,000 visitors. Therefore, the event gathered more crowd can benefit more people than had been targeted.

On Saturday morning, 29 August 2015, YES program held Business Consultation Day (BCD) at Gelora Bung Karno Senayan, Jakarta. The purpose of the event was to attract and invite people to discuss about their own business. The Mentors from Associates IBL. Fifteen mentors were present and served visitors who came to consult about their business.

Before the consultation session, the event began with morning exercise who led by Bapak Didi as the instructor. It was attended by approximately 250 visitors to follow the exercises together.

Total visitors who attended to consult were 40 people, and each has business issues in consultation. BCD event begins at 06:00 until 11:30, where participants of YES Program helped BCD succeed this time. They are hopefully will fill their life & time with an entrepreneurial spirit which has been started because they are familiar with this program.