Youth Week, Bekasi 29 July 2016

Indonesia is now facing issue related with unemployement, where 70% of them are youth. Based on BPS data in 2014, this issue is also happenned in Bekasi. 114.000 youh are recorded as unemployed.

Indonesia Business Links (IBL), a non-government organization, encourages private sector to run the business ethically and build multi-sector partnetship for sustainable development. Since 2011, IBL has initiated program to solve unemployment issue in Bekasi through preparing youth to be ready fro employability and entrepreneurship. Until June 2016, approximately 1000 youth has been given self-capacity training and 40% of them have been employed in a decent work. In order to receive the best result and sustainable initiative, support and participation from government, private sector and education institution are needed.

Indonesia Businees Links conducted multi-sector forum as a closure for Youth Empowerment, held on Friday, 29th July 2016 at Hotel Harris, Bekasi. The event aimed to formulate collective action in overcome youth unemployment issue in Bekasi, where the result of the forum will give positive effect for all parties.