Muda Terampil Berusaha – Entrepreneurship Awareness Workshop

Muda Terampil Berusaha, a program funded by Accenture which aims to create youth entrepreneur in Karawang. This program in line with local government policy that encourage economic development in Karawang through entrepreneurship. Moreover, youth in Karawang prefer to work at industrial sector which in fact are able to offer limited seats. The result is increasing number of unemployed youth due to the inbalancement between supply and demand of employee

To address this issue Accenture in cooperation with IBL initiated a program that encourage youth to be entrepreneur and create job opportunities in Karawang. This program is a follow up of the Muda Terampil program also funded by Accenture in previous years ago. What makes it different is Muda Terampil Berusaha solely focus on entrepreneur.

Muda Terampil Berusaha is consists of four activities which is designed to increase awareness, improve life skill and hard skill, as well as providing mentoring for participants. By the end of the program, participants are encouraged to keep the networking by joining the Yes Club on Karawang, a community of youth entrepreneur of IBL beneficiaries.

Awareness Workshop was held on 22nd, 23rd, and 25th August 2016. It was attanded by 176 participants in BLK Karawang, 130 participants in Karawang and 60 participants in Alam Sari Desa Dauan. The workshop was aimed to elaborate the event’s detailed activities and improve awareness on the importance of entrepreneurship in youth. The main point of the Awareness Workshop is to inspire participants to be an successful entrepreneur and give portrait of the competition on job hunting.